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Everybody Needs a Little Inspiration

Anyone who does not believe that teaching computer science is a tough job has never faced a row of student faces day after day or tried to keep all of the hardware and software actually functioning. And that does not even begin to address the increasing stress that all teachers are facing. So every once in a while, it is important to reflect upon what matters and why what you do is important.

Today our CSTA Equity Chair, Michelle Hutton, sent me a student course evaluation that she has been keeping since 2002. Here is what the student had to say:

"I've learned not to be afraid of computers. I've learned some of the fundamentals and code of CS. I've learned that learning computer science is a process where you need to learn one thing before you move on to the next. Once you have mastered a concept, creating something you're proud of can be easy & fun."

Even if they do not say it quite so well, my guess is that all of you have students who have felt the same way, and who, if not immediately then some day, have realized the importance and usefullness of what you are trying to teach them.


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