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Help Us Identify Contests for Computer Science Students

Some of our members have suggested that a central listing of contests would be very helpful since many teachers use contest participation to motivate and engage students.

We would be happy to collect and disseminate this information but we need your help in identifying contests that already exist at the state, regional, national, and international level for high school computer science students. This would include contests in all related areas (programming, robotics, etc.).

If you know of any contests that would fit in these categories, please post the information in this strand - including any contact information you might have.

Your assistance in this matter will be especially appreciated.

Thank you,

Charmaine Bentley
Membership Chair


Before this falls away...

A great robotics competition is the National Robotics Challenge in Marion Ohio..


I have been out there for the past two years and the students have a great time - Tad Douce the organizer does a phenominal job!

The Project Hoshimi Programming Challenge is here!! This competition--exclusively for US high school students---brings together an imaginative background story, comic-style graphics and fun programming challenges allowing students to compete online, with students from all over the country. Student will devise strategies and write code for navigating a team of nanobots through life-saving missions and objectives through a map of the human body. As a mentor, you can guide your students through this fun, exciting contest as they compete to win great prizes including an Xbox 360!

I encourage your members to check out the Project Hoshimi Programming Battle. This competition is an online programming competition open to students across the US. Students will write articial intelligence for a game engine. I have a post about it on my blog here (http://blogs.msdn.com/daryllmc/archive/2006/01/20/515693.aspx). Some more links;

-The competition site

-Intro for Teachers on MainFunction (with pointers to teaching material)

What is Technology Impact in Education Month?
Between January 1-31, 2006, teachers and students across the United States are taking a journey through time that examines the impact of technology on our society and in learning. Modern technologies have revolutionized business and enhanced teaching and learning with data driven decision making, curriculum management for individualized instruction, and online learning that helps close the achievement gap and builds teacher quality and retention. This event will allow educators, students and parents to imagine the impact that technology will have on students entering the 21st century workforce and the possibilities inherent in a technology literate society.

Participating in this important event is FREE! It is a great way to introduce the topic of technology's role in society and offers some exciting chances to win great prizes. For more information and to register, please visit www.edtechimpact.com.

The More the Merrier! Please Spread the Word…
We would appreciate your help in making this project as effective as possible regionally and nationally. Please share this announcement to let other educators know about this important event.

Webevolve is a web devlopment and design contest for High School students, held at Georgain College, in Barrie, Ontario.

The students will design and develop a website for a surprise charity organization. The sites will be evaluated using programming and coding best practices as well as judged for creativity, layout and design.

This contest has been run locally for three years with great response. We are considering the idea of making the contest open to a wider group by eliminating the requirement for students to be physically present on site.

This contest is sponsored by Apple and Google among others. The winning site will be used by the charity, so it is a great chance for students to compete and also produce something which will help out a good cause.

There is also a conference following the competition with a diverse line up of speakers touching upon a wide range of computer related topics.

For more information please visit:

Subject: American Computer Science League

As a computer science teacher for the past 25 years, I highly recommend participation in the ACSL international computer competition as a way to motivate your best students through competition and expose all of your students to creative programming problems and college-level topics at an elementary level. Please go to the ACSL website at www.acsl.org for more information or feel free to contact me at blackcar@eastpennsd.org with any questions about how to be a first-time participant. Registrations for this school year are being accepted through the end of October.

Carlen Blackstone
Emmaus High School
Math and Computer Science teacher
610-965-1650 X1354
500 Macungie Ave.
Emmaus, PA 18049

i am computer supervisior

Please let me know about the upcoming computer science Competitions.

Narendra Bhumbak
Computer Deptt.
Kirpal Sagar Academy
Near Rahon, Nawanshahr(Punjab)

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