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CSTA has just added an RSS feed for its news updates on the homepage. If you already have an RSS reader either installed in your browser or through a service like Google reader, just use the orange icon to have your reader include our news!

If you don't have an RSS reader set up, you should consider it! It is a great way to have updates from your favorite web sites sent to you like email. Rather than having to navigate the web, you can simply choose to have your favorite news, blog posts, or other RSS-enabled information sent directly to your reader.

There are RSS reader programs that install directly to your email or you can use something like Google reader to help you organize the feeds. I suggest you check out Google reader or just do a search for RSS reader and the name of your email client in order to see what is available.

If you are interested in a way to have our CSTA news sent directly to your email, you can check out the blog post I did a while ago about RSS. It provides a link to a tool and directions that allow you to send any RSS feed to your email inbox.

Leigh Ann Sudol
CSTA Volunteer

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