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Maryland and Technology Literacy

So the people in the computer science field are constantly asking "Where do we fit in terms of technology literacy?" Some believe that every student should have some programming experience, while others believe that it should be selective students that get that instruction. (how we select is a whole different argument)

Maryland has adopted learning.com's Tech Literacy assessment according to this article in order to gauge how well their 7th grade students are doing in acquiring 21st century skills. If you go to the TechLiteracy assessment modules page you can see the core skills they are working on.

It is anextensive list in terms of applications usage, but is lacking in the more conceptual knowledge (except the social and ethical tabs). Lets consider what would happen if we added another box: Computer Science. What 1 sentence description would you provide for the module? What elementary and middle school examples of computer science skills would you want all students to have? (answer one or both, doesn't matter - I'll post my own ideas later in the comments to let people think about what they value before they see what I do).

Leigh Ann Sudol

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