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Looking for Research Participants

As the chair of CSTA's Professional Development Committee, I recently received a request from Mara Saeli, a PhD student at the University of Eindhoven (in the Netherlands), who is seeking some experienced CS teachers to participate in some interesting new research.

Mara is hoping to:

"uncover the Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) of Programming (in the sense of Software development) and use this knowledge to broaden the actual knowledge about didactic of Programming for secondary level."

Mara continues:

"In order to do so I will use two instruments designed and used by researchers in Australia in the context of Science education for secondary school (CoRes and PaPers). The idea is to collect around 40 experienced teachers with well developed PCK and Computer Science background in different countries."

This sounds like a fascinating project that could provide considerable insight into the teaching of programming, as well as help us to refine our definitions of desired outcomes.

If you would like to consider participating in this project and would like more information, please contact Mara directly at:


Debbie Carter
Chair, CSTA Professional Development Committee

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