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Pi Day Challenge

As head of CSTA's Professional Development Committee, I received the following message, which I thought might be of interest to many of you:

My name is Matthew Plummer. I teach math at Hanover High School, in Hanover, MA.

March 14th is "Pi Day". For years, I have created Pi Day Math Logic puzzles. This year, I decided to make a formal web-based logic quest. I created the site:


There are over thirty logic puzzles - some require math, some require logic, some require pure savvy. Users can create an account (so that the next time they log in, the site will bring them back to where they left off) or users can play as a guest.

At times, part of the puzzle is simply to figure what you are supposed to do.

My goal is to get over 1,000,000 students from around the country excited about math and logic.

Please assist me by forwarding this to all teachers and administrators that you know.

Matthew Plummer

In a quick attempt, I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do with the first puzzle, but, as he said, sometimes that's part of the puzzle. I'm hoping that some of you (and your students) are better at thinking outside of the box than I seem to be.


Debbie Carter
CSTA Board of Directors
Roxbury High School, NJ


Let the fun begin.

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