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Exploring Computer Science Curriculum Now Available!

CSTA is very pleased to announce the availability of a free curriculum now available on the CSTA website. The Exploring Computer Science (ECS) materials avalable at:


provide daily lesson plans and resources which support the teaching of six instructional units:

1) Human Computer Interaction;
2) Problem Solving;
3) Web Design;
4) Introduction to Programming;
5) Robotics; and
6) Computing Applications.

The curriculum adopts an inquiry-based learning model and each unit concludes with an in-depth project.

The instructional materials have been developed for high school classrooms in Los Angeles Unified School District as an instruction tool for introducing students to the “computational thinking” of computer science. Funded by a grant from the NSF, this curriculum is part of a University-District partnership to attract and retain more females and students of color in rigorous computing courses. Importantly, this curriculum was designed to accompany a model of professional development that focuses on both the content and pedagogy of the course. We strongly urge teachers to participate in related professional development before implementing any of these lessons in the classroom.

The University of California has notified us of their support for Exploring Computer Science curriculum and their intention to grant college admissions elective credit for students taking the course.

We would appreciate if you could keep us updated as to how/if you use this curriculum or distribute it to others. Our research team would like to be able to track the impact of this curriculum.

For more information on the Computer Science Equity Alliance, visit the CSEA website at:


For questions about the curriculum, please contact Joanna Goode at:


Joanna Goode
CSTA Board of Directors


I will be using the material this coming school year in Healdsburg High School (Healdsburg, CA)

I will inform you as the year progresses as to the success. We have 24 students signed up for the class.

We are considering the implementation of this curriculum in the Madison Metropolitan School District for the upcoming school year (2011-2012). Currently discussing whether to replace our existing Introduction to Programming curriculum or propose this as a new semester long course. I would gladly like to be contacted with data to support either endeavor. We are currently serving approximately 50 students in a district with over 7,000 high school students.

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