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Second Leadership Cohort Workshop

We just finished up a trip to Chicago for the second Leadership Cohort workshop. Going back for the second time help us to solidify many of the ideas that we put into practice over the last year.

At this second CSTA Leadership Cohort Workshop, teachers from 31 states were kept very busy exchanging ideas and strategies for computer science (CS) education advocacy. We had the privilege of being a part of wonderful conversations taking place between diverse groups of people with different state issues. Discussions involved how to best advocate to teachers, district personnel, community, and professional groups all the way up to legislative members.

Probably the greatest outcome from the workshop is that there were teachers from K-12 addressing issues together in a positive, forward-thinking process. Teachers from the Midwest were working through solutions with those from the East coast as well as other regions. All of us came together with the larger issue of promoting CS education regardless of specific situations in local schools or states. While there will always be passionate differences in CS education, for three days everyone was focused in the same direction with a common goal: promote and grow CS education.

It is great to be a part of an organization that makes leaders of its members!

Your four faithful friends

Renee Ciezki,
John Harrison,
Stephanie Hoeppner,
Deepa Muralidhar

CSTA Senior Leadership Cohort Members

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