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Happy Holidays

The end of the year brings upon us the celebrations that come with the holidays. This year, we have extra reason to celebrate with an added holiday.

The week of December 7, 2009 has been declared as Computer Science Education Week. Celebrations for this week, honoring computer science education have been planned across the country. CSTA's parent organization, ACM, is preparing a Web site to provide classroom teachers with resources to use in their school's celebration. You might want to check out the "20 Things You Can Do as a Classroom Teacher" to help with your celebration. This list was compiled by John Harrison at the recent CSTA Board of Director's meeting and contains easy classroom activities that any teacher could use to promote the Computer Science Education Week.

What activities are planned at your school for this celebration? What are your ideas for activities that other classroom teachers might use to help them with their celebrations?

Let us hear from you and your great ideas.

Dave Burkhart
CSTA Board of Directors


Carnegie Mellon University is hosting a Computer Science Education day on December 9, 2009. Events include speakers about educational robotics, state standards, the history of CS Education and what it has taught us about how children learn in general, and a special keynote by a speaker from the ACM.

I'll post more information as well as the website and agenda within a day or so. We are planning on taping and making all of the presentations available over the internet for those who are too far away to come.

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