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CSTA Members Speak Out

By Dave Burkhart

Earlier this year, the CSTA membership was asked to complete a survey rating the membership benefits offered by CSTA. Over a thousand members completed the survey. Here are a few highlights from that survey:

* 92% of our members said they would recommend CSTA membership to their colleagues
* 84% s our members said their CSTA membership provides professional value
* 79% of the members surveyed feel that it is very important to belong to a group dedicated to excellence in K-12 Computer Science Education
* 91% of the members are pleased with the information offered to them in the Voice
* 86% of the members surveyed say that it is very important for CSTA to provide curriculum materials.
* 81% of the members who read the Advocate Blog are happy with the materials presented
* The CS&IT Symposium is the most visible professional development event for CSTA.

The one thing that really confuses us about the result, though, is the number of our members who are not aware of many of their member benefits. For example, 87% of our members were not aware that they could request copies of our brochures and posters!

When someone joins CSTA, they receive a brochure outlining all of their benefits. We also highlight new benefits on our website and Facebook page.

Can you think of ways that would help us make our CSTA members more aware of their member benefits?

Dave Burkhart
CSTA Membership Chair

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