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One of the Greatest Perks of Teaching

By Dave Burkhart

I have always thought that one of the greatest perks of teaching is being able to revise and start over again. This seems to energize me and give me a new outlook on my students and my curriculum topics. I don't think I have ever taught a class the same twice.

The teaching profession is periodic. Some teachers are able restart their jobs every year while others are able to restart every semester or quarter. What other profession is able to revise and start over periodically such as this? This to me is the excitement of teaching. Teachers work hard to create their curriculum and then continually revise as needs change and new materials become available. Teachers are able to build and perfect their work.

This summer, I have found it energizing to me to be able teach a college level class to students who hope to someday find their own teaching positions. The students in this class have reminded me about the excitement of getting your first classroom. They seem so appreciative of all the resources being shared with them. It has been so easy to build upon their excitement. We have been able to use the Internet to find free curriculum resources which will aid them in meeting the curriculum standards for their new classrooms.

Everyone had some reason for becoming a teacher. What was your motivation? What do you call your greatest perk of teaching?

Dave Burkhart
Membership Chair

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