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AppInventor Goes to New Home

My heart sank a few weeks ago when Google announced that they would be dropping AppInventor as part of their decision to get rid of Google Labs. Like many of you, I found it to be a great tool for teachers and students alike. I had already been planning many of my workshops around it- not just as 'a' tool, but 'the' tool for the workshop. Then all of a sudden my plans came to a screeching halt! A bunch of thoughts and questions came to mind such as "What? For Real? How could they?"

So, it should come as no surprise that I was elated, happy, breathing a sigh of relief, jumping for joy, and all round excited to hear that Google had actually given AppInventor to MIT hand it will now become as part of MIT's Center for Mobile Learning.

Once I got out of joyous stupor, I realized there is something bigger going on here though. AppInventor is a good thing! People like it. And someone(s) were willing to do something about that. There is a community of people who support something and care about something. And we care about you caring about it!

So, we want to hear what you are doing and what some of your favorite AppInventor projects are!

Post below and share the wealth!

Help us make new fans of AppInventor so we can keep it around for many years to come!

Mindy Hart
CSTA At-Large Representative


I used AppInventor last year at the halfway point as an intro to an android unit. I have been using AppInventor this year as my intro unit in my programming class. The students are enjoying it a lot. We are going to be doing an assignment to integrate the new common core for math later this week. This should be a fun unit.

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