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CSEd Week: The Power of Numbers

Mark the calendar, gather up resources, and make some plans!

Computer Science Education Week (December 4th through 10th) is the opportunity to be part of a unified force of CS teachers across the US and around the world to impact CS education.

What did you do last year?
What ideas do you have for this year?

We would love to hear about your 2010 CSEd Week successes, how you plan to build upon them this year, or your great new ideas for CSEd Week 2011. A few stories will be selected to feature in the November issue of the CSTA Voice newsletter.

You will find posters, flyers, classroom activities, videos and more on your own CSTA website:


If you are looking for ideas and resources, check out the CSEd Week website:


On the "Pledges" page you can read about these cool projects and many more!

  • Vicki Coffman (Dulles HS, TX): Pictorial CS history display outside of library.
  • Shannon Henderson (Kentwood HS, WA) Lunch time student demonstrations of their games/CS projects.
  • Evelyn Williamson (Norfolk Technical Center, VA) A school visit by middle school students to work hands-on with work with students in the CIS and Webmaster classes.
  • Crystal Furman (Brookwood HS) A school-wide scavenger hunt for GridWorld Critters in which students get a treat when they return them to the CS classroom.
  • Joshua Paley (Henry M. HS, CA) A fieldtrip to UC-Berkeley's CS Education Day for presentations on animation, games, and robotics.
  • Oladapo Adefilola (Regal College, Nigeria) A speech contest on the importance of ICT/Computing in the development of Nigeria as a nation.
  • Jane Krauss (NCWIT) Blogged about ways to encourage computational thinking through real-life projects.
  • Michele Leonard, Parent and National Center for Women and Information Technology, is going to wow my daughter's Brownie troupe with the card trick and sorting exercises outlined in CS Unplugged!
  • Cathy Ngo (Brownie Leader, 2nd graders) Teaching Brownies about data with secret codes that encode the phrase, "Brownies can do anything!"
  • Nayda Santiago (University of Puerto Rico) Sponsoring a contest for students to create their own song/dance/poem/promotional piece that promotes CS to middle/high school students and post them on YouTube.
  • Anna Alfano (Canada) Showed the CSTA CSEdweek videos in the cafeteria during lunch periods.
  • Leisa Thompson (NCWIT) Included a message within her email signature to promote CSEd Week.

    Tell us about CSEd Week in your school!

    Pat Phillips
    Editor, CSTA Voice

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    I would love to become part of this computer science education week. I'm a graduate of computer science, hence I can really relate to this education promotion. I am interested in supporting this field as I know how important computer education is in this modern era.

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