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What Does Auto-completion Say About You?

Word completion is a common feature in browsers and other text entry tools. When you begin the entry of a frequently-used word, the computer automatically completes it, or proposes a list of choices (Wikipedia). Code completion is welcomed by many of us in our Java IDEs. Well, email has this auto-complete feature as well. A colleague of mine did this little exercise and it was very clear that he was working way too much!

What does YOUR email auto-complete feature say about you? Try this little experiment: In the "To" field in a new email message, type each letter of the alphabet, one letter at a time. Choose the first option of the auto-complete choices offered by your email software.

What does your final distribution list look like?

What does it say about you? My list is below.

It clearly indicates the importance of CSTA!

A: Angie Thorn, CSTA Ohio President
B: Bergman, Doug, CSTA South Carolina President
C: Chris Stephenson, CSTA Executive Director
D: Bergman, Doug (again)
E: my 'spouse'
F: Fran Trees (myself-when I get bored, I guess I talk to myself!)
G: Ria Galanos, CSTA Georgia President
H: Henry Vo, CSTA Texas Greater Houston Area President
I: personal friend
J: Joe Pistone, CSTA San Diego, CA President
L: Lance Pederson, CSTA Alberta, Canada Secretary
M: colleague
N: Steve Nicollerat CSTA Missouri President
O: personal friend
P: Joe Pistone (again)
R: Rebecca Dovi, CSTA Central VA President
S: Susy Johnson, CSTA Colorado President
T: Tammy Pirmann, CSTA Southeastern Pennsylvania President
U: Chinma Uche, CSTA Connecticut President
V: Henry Vo (again)
W: Chris Winikka, CSTA Oregon Past President
Y: Don Yanek, CSTA Chicago, Illinois President
Z: Julie Zelenski, CSTA Silicon Valley California Past President

If you are not a member of a CSTA chapter, you can find the email addresses of most of the CSTA folks listed above on our CSTA chapter page (http://www.csta.acm.org/About/sub/CSTAChapters.html).

What does your email auto completion say about you? Have some fun! Share a summary of YOUR results! (Oh, there are ways to control the suggestions. Google "Auto complete email.")

Fran Trees
CSTA Chapter Liaison

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