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Equity-Based Teaching Practices

As we embark on the school year, creating an equitable classroom environment is important for supporting girls and other underrepresented groups in a positive learning experience around computer science. There are several equity-based pedagogical practices that you can employ to ensure that your classroom culture is welcoming and inclusive for all students:

* Provide a welcoming classroom community/environment for all students (i.e. positive feedback, addressing students by name, greeting students at the door, etc.).

* Maintain high expectations for all learners by encouraging students to go beyond the basic level of the task.

* Value and make content relevant to student knowledge (i.e. language, home culture, personal interests, pop culture, etc.).

* Use multiple learning modalities to connect to different learning styles.

* Provide academic supports for English language learners.

What other pedagogical practices do you implement to provide a welcoming and inclusive classroom culture?

Joanna Goode
CSTA Equity Committee Chair


Applying research from the AAUW book, "Why So Few? Women in STEM" would be helpful. These include building the growth mind set for motivation, and spatial skills for brain preparation. I use graphic programming as this not only builds spatial skills, it also is motivating. Girls prefer this to game programming; please see article on the college board site "Supporting Girls in CS by Programming with Graphics": http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/members/courses/teachers_corner/27701.html.

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