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Activities for CS Ed Week

CSEdWeek (December 4 through 10) is quickly approaching. This is an opportunity to spotlight your students and your program. Don't delay in making some plans and pledging your commitment at www.csedweek.org.

Every effort makes an impact. Activities can big or small, in your school or in the community, involve just a few or hundreds. You will find ideas to fit the time you have in the November issue of the Voice available online now at:


You can participate with a 15 minute task as quick and simple as creating a CSEdWeek e-mail signature. It's easy! Visit www.csedweek.org and copy the image at the top of the page. Re-size it and add some accompanying text such as: "I support CSEdWeek.org. Ask me how you can support Computer Science education too."

Do you have 30 minutes? Check out the CS magic tricks.


You will have fun impressing your students. Or you could create a fun CS student activity. Assign students to learn one of the magic trick on the site and then demonstrate to their friends or family along with an explanation of how it relates to what they are learning in computer science class.

In an hour you could contact your local school or government to ask for their support in having December 4 through 10 declared CSEdWeek or put up a display in the school hallway. Three hours is enough time to guide students in planning a classroom open house for parents or potential students, or organize a field trip.

Have fun planning CSEdWeek events. It is your time to shine!

Pat Phillips
CSTA Voice Editor

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