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The Value of a Local CSTA Chapter

I teach in a rural high school where I am the only person to teach computer science as well as computer technologies. Collaborating with others within my building isn't something that I am able to accomplish because I feel sometimes like I am on an island of my own. I do enjoy the time between class changes because I get to talk to the Science teachers across the hall from me as we are on hallway duty. While I do enjoy my fellow teachers' company, it is nice to have others who can help you out with specific questions or just to share ideas.

Two years ago, Angie Thorne and Stephanie Hoeppner took the initiative to start a local chapter of CSTA here in Ohio. This local chapter brought together a handful of computer science teachers from around our state and provided me the opportunities that I was looking for outside my school building. It is great to be able to attend the CSTA Ohio meetings and meet my colleagues from around our state. I now have a support system of teachers who can help me out and offer suggestions when I have questions.

CSTA Ohio, under Angie and Stephanie's direction, has offered me and others several professional development opportunities as well as social gatherings. I look forward to the eTech Ohio Conference each year as CSTA Ohio provides several informational sessions dealing with computer science topics. Plans are in the works for another eTech conference again this year.

If you aren't a member of a CSTA local chapter, check out the listing of the current CSTA Local chapters at:


f your area doesn't have a chapter, why not check into creating one. What could be more rewarding than helping others within your area and within your field. Join a CSTA local chapter today!

Dave Burkhard
CSTA Governance Task Force Chair

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