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Top Ten CSTA Blog Posts of 2011

10. January 12, 2011- A Joint Call for Research Why Computer Science Education is Important for K-12. This post is well worth a second look to provide a good reminder that we make many statements about the necessity of CS for all, but we need to get more research behind that!

9. February 21, 2011- Election Data And Socially Relevant Computing. Something to think about with our upcoming National election in 2012.

8. March 9, 2011- Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend SIGCSE. Yes, a gratuitous self-re-posting of another Top 10 List. But let it serve as a reminder to think about attending SIGCSE in North Carolina this year!

7. April 26, 2011- CS Sock Monkey Begins Work. Lucky Guy! He gets to meet all the cool kids in CS Education! Look for him in other posts as he does his work meeting with key leaders in CS Education!

6. May 16, 2011- CS&IT And Summertime PD. A friendly reminder that YOU can still contribute to the program for the upcoming CS & IT conference in 2012!

5. June 19, 2011- Priorities. The never-ending question for teachers: How do you decide what's important?

4. July 10, 2011- E-Books for Learning (Or Not)?. Another hot topic for teachers! What's the best way to deliver your content to your students?

3. August 13, 2011- Free Course Gives Rise to Interesting Questions. Great questions raised by Steve Cooper on this post. Lots of free courses are being developed, but is it the best way to learn CS?

2. September 20, 2011- . Great reminders for us all, no matter what time of year!

2.1- OK- I decided to do one for each of the twelve months, but a Top 12 list just doesn't sound as exciting. So this is entry 2.1:

October 24, 2011- Activities for CS Ed Week. Even though we have just passed the 2011 CS Ed Week, it is never too early to start planning for next year!

2.2- November 30, 2011- Good Teaching is Not About the Programming Languages. You've heard it before, but let this serve as a great reminder to us all!

Drumroll Please!

Your #1 Blog Posting of 2011:

December 2011- Top Ten CSTA Blog Posts of 2011. Who doesn't love a good loop?

Here's to a great 2012!

Mindy Hart
At-Large Representative


this post would be more useful if you linked to the posts

Great post!
Made me go back and revisit my favorite ones.

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