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Winter "BREAK": A Time to Relax and Reenergize

Most of us look forward to our winter breaks. After all, a break in routine is almost always a good thing. Most of us are conditioned to getting up at a certain hour, traveling to work following the same route, doing our last minute preparations for our classes, meeting with students during lunchtime, free-time and any other time, traveling back home, cooking (or eating) dinner, doing more preparations for classes, grading papers, MAYBE watching a bit of TV, and probably going to bed about the same time every day (never getting enough sleep).

Your routine MAY differ from this one, but probably not by much. It's easy to get stuck in that "routine rut." Some people like routine. They like everything to be predictable and without surprises. They like to know what to expect from their day. Well, the teaching profession offers diversity. No two days are the same. Each day offers different challenges and problems to solve. But we still follow a routine. In fact, most of us respond automatically to bells, whistles, buzzers, and fire alarms.

Well, now winter break is here (no bells or buzzers)! We have an opportunity to break our routine (if only for a week). We have time to catch-up on activities that we have put off. We have time to spend with our families and friends. We can actually get some well-needed and well-deserved sleep. We have time to play in the snow or relax by the fire or bask in the sun. OR DO WE?

I will admit that I look forward to my winter break to "catch-up" with my work. I use the time to finish tasks that I have not had time to complete or to get a job started so that I can be a step ahead when the new semester starts. And this is all so that I can go back to school without the pressure of feeling that I am behind. I know that many of you use your "winter break" to do work: to "catch up". Find time in this vacation week to play. Enjoy your life and the people special to you. Use this time to energize yourself. When vacation is over, go back to school refreshed and ready to tackle the world. Find ways to break your daily routine. Try something new each day. Fifty ideas can be found at:


Enjoy your vacation.

Fran Trees
CSTA Chapter Liaison

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