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What is Your Greatest Accomplishments in the Teaching Profession?

I recently was surprised at a faculty meeting by receiving an award for teaching from my colleagues. After receiving the award I was given a writing assignment which was to respond to the question, "What is Your Greatest Accomplishments in the Teaching Profession?" This was a difficult question for me to answer. I believe that any time I influence students positively this is a great accomplishment! Below is a portion of my essay about my accomplishments.

I periodically reflect on the many students that I have taught over the years. One particular student comes to mind is Bianca. She was a student who enrolled in Computer Science A AP. She was successful, enjoyed the subject and decided to continue on to take a second year. She struggled and I gently assisted her as well as her classmates. I adjusted assignments for her, encouraged her, and helped her after class. She successfully completed the class and learned persistence in the process. She chose to major in computer science in college. She has recently graduated and is working in the computer science field. She is one of my accomplishments.

I frequently reflect upon my current students. One who comes to mind is Stephanie, a freshman enrolled in Visual Basic. On her survey form she stated that she wanted to learn more about computers and she does not have a computer or Internet access at home. My desire for her is to become more proficient using a computer to improve her employability after high school. She started the course unable to run a program or navigate to a file without help. She now has confidence to copy files, use software and other tasks on her own. She is another one of my accomplishments.

William Butler Yeats stated, "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." I know I have lit some fires; those are my accomplishments I hold dear.

Now that you have read what I think are some of my greatest accomplishments, what are your greatest accomplishments in the teaching profession?

Myra Deister
CSTA At-Large Representative


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