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Day of the "Tech" Girl

October 11, 2012 is the first ever International Day of the Girl Child. The United Nations set this date aside to recognize that empowerment of and investment in girls is critical for:

  • economic growth;
  • the eradication of poverty;
  • meaningful participation of girls in decisions that affect them;
  • breaking the cycle of discrimination and violence
  • This day provides focus to efforts that are helping girls gain "the active support and engagement of their parents, legal guardians, families and care providers, as well as boys and men and the wider community."

    "Tech" Girls
    We know that one very important way to empower girls to imagine and achieve new futures for themselves is by providing them with solid foundational knowledge of computer science concepts and inspiring them to share their vision with the globally connected community.

    What's the problem?

  • The ratio of women studying computer science in college is less than 20% (US stat).
  • Stereotypical images about computer science, like it's boring, hard, anti-social and irrelevant, persist.
  • By age 13 girls determine a positive or negative attitude towards subjects like computer science.

    Alternate realities

  • Through hands-on experience, girls recognize that computing is about creativity, connecting people and changing the world.
  • Mentors help break down the stereotypes behind computer science.
  • Parents and schools understand the importance of computer science education.
  • Change the world!
    The under-representation of women in computing and its affect on society are complex issues, but we cannot let the scope of these issues stop us from attempting to make a difference in the lives of girls right now. The International Day of the Girl on October 11 provides us with an opportunity to engage girls, their families, their schools and the wider community about the power of computing.

    Changing the world requires passion, commitment, resources and collaboration. If you have read this far, you've got the passion and commitment to empower girls. Please share your ideas for Day of the "Tech" Girl activities and events. I'll start by suggesting we use #dayofthetechgirl as the hashtag.

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    International Day of the Girl resources
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    Day of the Girl

    Tech Girl Resources

    CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association)
    Black Girls Code
    Computer Science Collaboration Project
    Dot Diva
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    NCWIT Scorecard (National Center for Women & Information Technology)
    Teen Tech Girls

    Kim Wilkens
    Technology Activist

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