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Wally Addresses Computer Literacy

As a teacher, I love it when real-world events seem to come together and influence my teaching. Just the last week, I ran across a great Dilbert comic in which Wally refers to bits and their value, which was the perfect conversation piece in my seminar class where we are reading Blown to Bits. It also reminded me of an old xkcd strip that I then pulled up and used in a lecture on efficiency and nP-hard problems. Dilbert and xkcd are great sources of computer and technology humor that can liven up many computing topics.

What are your favorites?

If you have a great comic that you think other teachers could use in the classroom, please share. I'll even throw in another interesting one I found: a semi-historical comic book biography of Ada Lovelace.

Dave Reed
College Faculty Representative
CSTA Board of Directors


My personal favorite is about George Boole ordering lunch. http://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/g/george_boole.asp

Good one, Ria.

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