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Using the Code.org Video for Grassroots Advocacy

The code.org video has started a lot of conversations, but it takes you to bring that conversation home to your school district. Here is a 5-minute advocacy idea.

Write an email to the superintendent of your school district. Start with the link to the full 9 minute version of the code.org video. If your district is the one in ten currently offering a computer science class, make sure the superintendent knows that the community would like to hear that from them. If not, ask about plans to include computer science classes.

This may be an opportunity to start a conversation with the person at your district who controls what courses are offered. If your district has only the AP Computer Science A course, or equivalent, without any preliminary courses, this video could help you start a conversation about why it is important to offer entry-level courses in this discipline. Share the CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards with them and the cross-walk to the common core standards. Alternatively, if your school does not have any rigorous computer science courses, this may help you get them on the roster for an upcoming school year.

Real change takes time, but all change has to start somewhere. Start a conversation, start real change.

Tammy Pirmann
CSTA School District Representative


  • Code.org 9 minute video (http://youtu.be/dU1xS07N-FA)
  • CSTA K-12 Standards (http://csta.acm.org/Curriculum/sub/K12Standards.html)
  • CSTA K-12 Standards Crosswalk with Common Core (http://csta.acm.org/Curriculum/sub/CurrFiles/CSTA_Standards_Mapped_to_CommonCoreStandards.pdf)
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