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Meet The Statistically Average Computer Science Teacher

Every two years, CSTA conducts a survey of current computer science teachers. We have an excellent response rate and now that the results have all been tallied, I would like to introduce you to the "average" Computer Science teacher (statistically speaking).

The average Computer Science teacher is a white male who has been teaching for more than 15 years and has been teaching Computer Science for about 13 years. He is a member of CSTA.

He teaches in a public, suburban high school with approximately 1500 students in grades 9 through 12. Almost 300 of those students speak a different language at home. He is part of the Business Department and teaches Computer Science courses full time. His state and district have no Computer Science standards.

His school offers Computer Science at the pre-AP level. The 25 students enrolled in his Computer Science elective will earn a Computing/Technology credit for the course. Three of these students are female and three represent ethnic minorities. In this class, he teaches problem solving, programming in Java, and the social and ethical issues related to the field. He's never even heard of the proposed AP Computer Science Principles course, not surprising in light of the fact that his school does not offer AP Computer Science A. He also teaches elective courses related to web design and development.

What does he think of his enrollment numbers? He believes there are students who would like to be in his classes who aren't. He thinks these students are dealing with full schedules and the perception that electives are not as desirable on a transcript.

His biggest challenges to teaching Computer Science? Lack of interest in the subject -- from both the adults and the students at his school.

He would really like more time for professional development, as long as he can find a workshop or seminar that is relevant, nearby and inexpensive.

Are YOU the average Computer Science teacher? Leave a comment below and share your reactions!

Tammy Pirmann
School District Representative


In some ways, yes. Size of school, white male, public suburban HS, 3/25 students are female.

But we offer more classes than the AP Computer Science class.

Maybe you could ask next time what degrees the CS teachers have.

This was a very clever way to report this information. Thanks.

Degree would be an interesting piece of data. I do find myself wondering what they taught before teaching CS. It looks like the lions share go to Math and Business. Keep an eye open for the full report!

Very interesting observation of what constitutes the "average" computer science teacher. Thankfully that is changing as computer science is no longer only taught in high school.

I am happy to report that I do not fit that mold. Actually not even close. I teach computer science to students in K8. I use programming languages and curriculum that students as young as 5 would find engaging.

Hopefully the next time we have the opportunity to examine the "average" computer science teacher/classroom, even more students will be counted.

I'd like to have the opinion of several people who don't consider themselves average. I learned more from my grade school and high school teachers than most of my college professors.

Iím looking into going back to school for computer science, computer engineering or something of the like. I have an undergraduate degree in Public Relations from the School of Journalism at The University of South Carolina. Iíve been out of school for 5 years now and I think Iíve finally decided technology is my passion. I;m a gamer by hobby and a Bar manager by occupation.

To get to the point; Where would someone like me go to find information about what school I should attend or E-attend, what specific field of study, graduation ratios, entry level salaries, the likeliness of getting into a graduate program instead of a second undergrad etcÖ

Thank you in advance for your response,


A great way to sum up the survey.

I am happy to see that post and read about a typical computer science teacher. Hopefully the next time we have the opportunity to examine the "average" computer science teacher/classroom, even more students will be counted. This was a very clever way to report this information. Thanks.

That's a great post ,,, its can so informative for me thanks for sharing this article.

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