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CSTA as a Creator of Change Agents

CSTA has always been about creating change agents for CS education, that is, making every member a powerful force in getting things done. Summing up what various educator-leaders have accomplished over the past 10+ years would be a long list indeed! The momentum of change initiated by our chapters and individual members has gained speed over the years to what currently appears to be the dawn for a bright future in CS education.

While reading in the November issue of Tech & Learning magazine, I was spurred to reflect on the exciting changes I’ve seen in both the attention given to, and the public perception of, CS education. A small article at the bottom of page 32 caught my attention because it summarized how CSTA has influenced me and apparently many other CS educators. The article by Jean Tower, Director of Technology in the Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough, Massachusetts, listed Three Change Leadership Practices.

1. Shine the light. Bring focus and energy to the problems you want to solve. Spread the word to parents and community. Tell a compelling story. Paint a picture that's desirable.
2. Loose/Tight leadership. Create a core set of principles everyone agrees on. People within that framework can make leaps of creativity that make change happen. Think for yourself and find the way to bring core principles to life.
3. Build relationships. Without strong relationships, on one will move ahead and change won't happen. Build a climate where people are not afraid to take risks. Create a platform for teachers' voices, one bite at a time.

Without a doubt, CSTA members have grown into influential change agents with these principles as the wind at our backs. The CSTA Voice is packed with articles of incredible changes brought about by CSTA change leaders. Congratulate yourself and fellow members on hard work and amazing results.

Pat Phillips, Editor
CSTA Voice

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