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The Unsung Heroes of CSEDWeek

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Today is the last school day of CS EdWeek and what a week it has been! The phenomenal success of Code.org's Hour of Code, a great CSTA CSEdWeek event in CO with our friends at Oracle, new legislation signed that will make computer science courses more accessible and attractive to students. New partners who have joined with us to promote computer science education. Just more of everything! But in all of the hoopla and congratulations, I have not heard much said about the teachers.

For the last week teachers all across the U.S. and in other countries have dedicated their time to planning and hosting CSEdWeek events in their schools and communities. Countless teachers have written to tell me how proud they have been to share their knowledge and excitement with students, parents, and the general public. One teacher wrote to tell me he was doing an additional event in a local senior citizens home to just show that "no one is ever too old to learn computer science".

It took over six months of planning, but thanks to the efforts of Mary-Angela Papalaskari of our Philadelphia-area chapter, the citizens of Philadelphia saw the words "Computer Science Education Week 12/9-12/13" in a huge running LED banner across the PECO building.

Some CSTA teacher members witnessed critical legislative gains for computer science education for which they have advocated and which they have shaped. The photo above, for example, shows CSTA members Joe Kmoch and Lori Hunt with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the legislation he signed this week to make computer science count. And with the support of the CSTA Alabama Chapter and of Drs. Bice and Cleveland from the State Department of Education, the Alabama State Board of Education voted to approve both AP Computer Science and Computer Science Principles as math equivalent elections for graduation.

This week we have also seen new partners step forward and join us in our fight for more and better computer science education in K-12, partners such as Joyce Hoffman, President of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) in WI who gave a wonderful interview on the importance of engaging all students in computer science education to WKOW in Madison, WI.

And of course we saw President Obama personally encourage students to give computer science a shot.

Its been a big week, a great week for computer science education. So, to all teachers, from CSTA, we are so proud of you and all that you do. You are, and always will be, the beating heart of CSEDWeek.

Chris Stephenson
CSTA Executive Director

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