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So What Now?

The Hour of Code was a great success and you may have had more interest than ever before in computer science, but what do you do with all that momentum? How do you help students and other teachers keep interest in computer science and even coding? I'm so glad you asked.

Have you looked at the resources section of the CSTA a website? Have you scanned the CSTA Advocate blog to see what different people are doing in different parts of the world? Have you looked on the CSTA to website to see who the CSALT leaders (computer science advocacy leadership team) are in your state so you can use them as a resource? Have you looked to your local CSTA chapter to see what kind of resources they're creating or outreach and workshops they are providing? Have you looked at the Computer Science EdWeek site?

The Hour of Code has helped generate national and even international interest in computer science. It is our job now to get down into the trenches and make sure that the new interest witnessed in December makes a real difference in our schools. That is the real challenge we face now.

Fortunately, many CSTA members have been doing work in the schools and on the "front lines". There is help and there are resources available for anyone who is now looking to continue the work. Use the CSTA website to find someone near you doing similar work and reach out. We need each other to keep moving forward. I do not want the fantastic things that happened in December to just become stories. I want them to inspire us to make real, sustained change in our classrooms, schools, districts, and states.

Stephanie Hoeppner
CSTA 9-12 Representative

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