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October 19, 2005

World Usability Day and DUX 2005

world-u-day-square.jpgThe opening day of DUX 2005 -- Thursday, 3 November -- is also World Usability Day, "a day created to help everyone know more about the ways to help create a better user experience of our world."

In more than 70 cities in 35 countries, events will promote awareness of the benefits of usability engineering and user-centered design.

The initial events of World Usabilty Day will occur in New Zealand. The final event will occur 36 hours later in San Francisco.

The events of World Usability Day will be highlighted during the DUX 2005 opening plenary session. And BayDUX, primary sponsor of the reception to follow the opening plenary, has designated the opening plenary reception a World Usability Day event. As Keith Instone wrote to me, "whoever drinks the last beer at the reception will officially close World Usability Day." (Keith, who has helped in the development of World Usability Day, will be at DUX 2005 and may very well be the person who drinks the last beer.)

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