October 21, 2005

Brought to you by... (part 2)

yahoo_logo.jpgIn an earlier posting, I identified the professional societies that are supporting DUX 2005 in various ways, highlighting the key role of the three major sponsoring societies: AIGA, ACM SIGGRAPH, and ACM SIGCHI.

DUX 2005 is also made possible by generous contributions by multiple corporate sponsors.

sap80.jpgSpecial thanks go to our major sponsors -- the DUX 2005 Champion Sponsors: SAP, AOL, and Yahoo!

Additional thanks go to our two Benefactors, sponsoring the conference at a level just below that of the Champions: Autodesk and Sun Microsystems.

Thanks also go to our long list of "Sponsor" sponsors: Dubberly Design Office, Hot Studio, Pentagram, Cooper, Google, Avenue A | Razorfish, Arc Worldwide, MetaDesign, Stone Yamashita Partners, Adaptive Path, Ambidextrous, and TechSmith...

AOLnew.jpg...as well as to the "Friends" of DUX 2005: Intuit, Adobe, and FilterTalent.

We applaud these sponsors' recognition of the importance of DUX 2005 and of the importance of designing for user experience to business success.

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September 26, 2005

Brought to you by... (part I)

siggraph100.jpgACM SIGGRAPH, ACM SIGCHI, and AIGA have joined forces again to develop what has quickly become the premier conference for user experience practitioners.

sigchi80.jpgHowever, DUX 2005 is being presented in cooperation with several other professional societies: IxDG, IIID, UPA, STC, AIS SIGHCI, HFES, IDSA, and IAI. Plus, BayDUX, the local presence of UXnet in the San Francisco Bay Area, is sponsoring the conference's opening plenary reception, in part in honor of World Usability Day which was scheduled to coincide with the opening day of the conference.

aiga60-2.jpgAs an expression of our thanks, members of these cooperating organizations are welcome to register for DUX 2005 at the same rates reserved for members of AIGA, SIGGRAPH, and SIGCHI.

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