February 12, 2007

DUX 2007 -- III

DUX2007 :: Chicago
November 5 - 7, 2007

Theme: Social media and networks are producing a new set of expectations regarding people's ability to contribute, create, personalize, and share information.

These new expectations are changing the roles, methods and responsibilities of Designers and Researchers. The effects are being realized through:

  • Ease of access to new types of information
  • Explosion and redefining of online communities
  • Emergence of new tools and capabilities
  • Significant shifts to the worlds of product development, advertising, marketing, and customer service

DUX2007 will surface issues and strive to define the role of designers in this time of shifting spaces.

Location: Intercontinental Hotel (on Magnificent Mile)
505 North Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611

The website is scheduled to launch later this week.

Conference Chairs (chairs at dux2007.org):
Parrish Hanna, SIGCHI
Joseph O'Sullivan, AIGA
John Finnegan, SIGGRAPH

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October 24, 2006

DUX 2007 -- II

Note that planning for DUX 2007 is underway. Please direct your inquiries to chairs at dux2007.org.

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June 12, 2006

DUX 2005 proceedings -- II

All DUX 2005 papers are now available in two locations:

  1. ACM's Digital Library;
  2. GAIN: AIGA's Journal of Business and Design.

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March 06, 2006

DUX 2005 proceedings

program.gifDesign case studies, research studies, practice studies, and sketches featured at DUX 2005 are being made available via GAIN: AIGA's Journal of Business and Design, which AIGA re-launched last month.

Papers corresponding to presentations made during the first two sessions of the conference have already been made available, and according to Liz Danzico, DUX 2005 Media Consultant and AIGA's Director of Experience Strategy, more will be made available every week or so until all have been posted.

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January 10, 2006

DUX 2007

Many have asked us for information about the next DUX conference.

ACM SIGGRAPH, AIGA, and ACM SIGCHI have a joint sponsorship agreement in place that extends over the first three offerings of the DUX conference. According to that agreement, the first three offerings will occur every other year.

The first DUX conference was DUX 2003; the second -- DUX 2005; that makes the third: DUX 2007.

The organizations revisit this agreement regularly. But as of now, to the best of our knowledge, the same three organizations will jointly sponsor the next DUX conference, and it will be held sometime during 2007. (Location to be determined.)

Contact us if you have opinions about this and/or have interest in being a part of the development of the next DUX conference.

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January 09, 2006

Conference scores highly on evaluation forms

Median assessments of the quality of the two plenaries and of all sessions featuring peer-reviewed submissions were either "good" or "excellent," the two highest ratings of the 5-point scale used on the evaluation forms. The website and blog, conference venue, printed program and CD, food, studio tours, exhibits, and receptions were also highly rated. Tutorials rated especially highly.

The vast majority of attendees reported that, overall, the conference had met or exceeded their goals.

Evaluation form return rate: ~40% of conference forms; ~75% of tutorial forms.

Thanks to everyone who completed the evaluation forms. We are still reading through your many written comments!

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November 15, 2005

Additional acknowledgements

Many contributed lots of time and effort to DUX 2005, and the contributions of many of these have been acknowledged in previous postings. However, many more also warrant our thanks.

betsy.gifParticular thanks go to Betsy Johnsmiller (pictured), Conference Manager.

Special thanks also to: the Sponsorship Chairs -- Robin Bahr, Fred Sampson, and Hugh Dubberly; Internet Support -- Carly Tanaka-Lubensky, Chris Schmechel, and Michael Kellner; Emeritus Advisors -- Jonathan Arnowitz and Aaron Marcus; Media Consultants -- Sylvia Paull and Liz Danzico; Conference Identity Designers: Zago Design; and all the conference attendees.

Additional thanks go to the following people and companies:

Bay Area Video Coalition; Hewlett-Packard Company; Dodsworth Associates; Bluerock Technologies; Riander; Event Alchemy; James Stewart of Precision Conference Systems; Ric Wanetik and David Hagans of Ricochet; Claudia Brenner; Laurie Brown, Jennifer Antos, Sharon Walton, Bill Keller, and the stage technicians of the Fort Mason Center; Jessica Wilmers, Caryn Chan, and Erica Johnson of ACM; Elizabeth Rosenzweig; Chuck Moore; Terry Swack; Wattle Creek Winery; Pabini Gabriel-Petit; Ryan Reposar of Dubberly Design Office; Super Shuttle; BreakPoint Books; Keith Instone; Guide Publishing Group; Signworks; Hotel del Sol; McCune; 111 Minna; and the many, many more that should also be listed here.

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