September 19, 2008

Emergency Reminder!!!

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Sorry for the late notice, but it's been such a busy month that I just didn't get to things until now. . .

REMINDER!!! Dr. Stephanie August of Loyola Marymount University has offered us an opportunity to hear a talk by David L. Roberts. He will be presenting some of his work on Declarative Optimization-based Drama Management (DODM) architecture for computer games.

Details are:
He will be at LMU on Tuesday, September 23 at 6:30 PM, in Doolan hall room 222. The talk is free, but seating is somewhat limited. More details are on the announcement flyer.

A detailed map of the LMU campus is available at:
this link. On this map, Doolan hall is at coordinates "I-6" (eye-six). You can probably park in either parking D or Parking A. The small campus means it's not that far (you can walk all the way across from east to west in about 10 minutes).


Also, it's time to announce for October. Next month's meeting will be on October 6, Monday. We will have a presentation this month, by Dr. Dondi Dionisio, about how to navigate and edit a Wiki site. He will probably be using the ACM website as an example for demonstration, but the concepts are applicable to all Wiki sites, such as Wikipedia.

Details are:
Time will be the usual 5:30 to 6:30 PM for the council meeting. This will be followed by dinner and the talk. The place will be announced soon, but it is hoped to be in the meeting room we used a couple of years ago on LMU campus in University Hall. Again, though, stay tuned for more details.


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