February 06, 2009

Changing Process

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Request From Our Members...

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Hello everyone. At the February meeting, it was brought to my attention that the blog announcements are somewhat less than useful, due to the way I've been entering things. For example, a couple of people were unable to locate the information for the Peter Coffee meeting next week.

This is, shall we say, "sub-optimal". . .

This blog is supposed to be the place for announcements of our meetings, and we are also using it to announce meetings and events from computing-related or technology-related sister organizations in the Southern California area, whenever we can. However, if people can't find the information easily, it's not very effective, is it??

There's a handy feature on this blog, in the navigation pane on the left of the page, called "Archives". In this little area is a reverse chronological list of every month for which there is any blog entry. As I write this, "January" is at the top, but when I finish and post this, "February" will appear. When you click on the month name, a page appears that contains links to each individual post page that has been posted for that month, with a synopsis of what appears on that page. It's similar to the way Google and other search engines display results. The links to the entries also appear in reverse chronological order (latest at the top of the page), but the important thing is that each link is to a single page for each post. It's a bit like a "table of contents" of the entries for the month.

The old process was for me to put multiple announcements for one entry on one blog page, with a set of hyperlinks to the different entries. These hyperlinks would appear in the synopsis for the entry, although they weren't very well deliniated. That didn't seem to be effective to our members.

So, the new process is to have a separate posting for every announcement, so that each announcement will show up individually on the synopsis page.

I hope this is a better method, and that it makes the announcements easier to navigate. I'm constantly trying to improve our information dissemination methods. If anyone has more suggestions, I'd welcome your input and/or your comments. You can post them as comments here, or you can email me directly at bjohnson05@gmail.com.

. . . And that's what's happening now . . .


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