February 24, 2009

March Meeting Reminder

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Coming March 2, 2009

:: The Matrix Has Us, Part Two ::

This month we are back at LMU for another interesting talk. Attempting to branch out, we will be enjoying another speaker from a different area of expertise this month. Mr. Thomas Ousterhout, a senior Psychology student at Loyola Marymount University, will explain the realism behind the imagination behind the popular film "The Matrix". This presentation should spark some stimulating discussion!!

The current state and future development potential of various fields of military technology can and will establish dominance over humans with machines and autonomous vehicles programmed with strong intelligence exponentially superior to humans. Today there are robots and machines everywhere. They are increasingly given more capabilities to take care of responsibilities originally designed for humans. Autonomous vehicles have been designed to cross the Mojave desert by coordinating direction and movement all by themselves and have even proven able to navigate through open traffic by changing lanes, following the rules of the road, and parking. Such technology has proven useful for the Military, providing autonomous ground, air, underwater, and surface vehicles, some of which have even been equipped with weapons effectively rendering them autonomous combat vehicles that make navigation and hostile engagement decisions on their own. Instead of trying to program advanced forms of artificial intelligence into the machines, researchers have found ways for machines to problem solve and learn about the world in a manner similar function to human children. Theoretically, machines will soon become smarter and faster than humans and potentially will be able to control themselves to establish global dominance.

Meeting Details:
Location -- McIntosh Center, Room UH3999, in University Hall on Loyola Marymount University campus. Free parking is available under the building.
Address is 1 LMU Drive, Los Angeles, CA., 90045.

5:30 to 6:30 -- Council meeting; council business is discussed, but chapter members are welcome to attend.
6:30 to 7:00 -- Dinner time, with attendees being responsible for their own meals, available at two locations in University Hall (see below).
7:00 to 9:00 -- CMSI seniors' presentation.

Meals may be bought from:
Lion's Corner Cafe: A cozy, cafe serving salads, sandwiches, microwavable entrees, juices, and coffee/tea. Open on Monday until 8:30 PM. University Hall, rm 1982. See the U-hall map.

Here is a link to a campus map in PDF format. University Hall is the big blue box in the lower left, marked "UNH".

LMU campus is in Westchester, on the bluff overlooking Playa Vista and Marina Del Rey, just off Lincoln Blvd. Here is a page of driving instructions to get to LMU campus from several directions.

Enter the LMU Campus from Lincoln Blvd., either northbound or southbound. After entering the campus on LMU Drive, University Hall is on your right. Parking is underground, under the building. Look for the Student/Visitor parking entrance, labeled "P2/P3". The McIntosh Center is on the third floor of the building, on the northwest side.

When you park, take the elevator from the parking garage to the first floor. When you exit the elevator lobby, turn left and go to the end of the atrium where the escalators are located. Take the escalators to the third floor. Turn left when you step off the escalator, turn left again at the end of the aisle, and continue back toward the big windows overlooking the city. When you get to the windows, turn left again and continue down the aisle with the windows on your right. When you get to a covered hallway at the end of the windows, McIntosh center is the first room on your left.


We'll be at a different location than last month! Don't go to Doolan Hall or to Fishco — You'll miss out!


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