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October 16, 2012

Peter Coffee's presentation

Peter Coffee addressed the LA ACM annual reunion meeting on September 27 in a joint meeting with AITP.

His presentation was titled: "Remember the 21st Century?" with a subtitle of "Smart Phones, Social Systems... and Connected Cars". He is now CTO for Automotive Industry Initiatives at Salesforce.com, and the talk centered around that topic.

In the round table, Peter was asked about the recent news about Google autonomous cars. He said he believes the reason Google was getting involved in this field is to be able to free up people to look at their advertising while riding in cars.

Peter mentioned the embarrassing case where, due to data mining, Target Corp. knew that a woman was pregnant before her father did. Based on her shopping profile they started sending a woman mailings for a new mother. Her father complained about the mailings, and then he found out why. Target is working on being more discreet.

He was asked about the "Death of the PC". He gave an example that IBM sells more Mainframe computers today than ever, even though the death of the mainframe was predicted long ago. Its just that they can't make any money on them and so their money is made in selling related services. The PC will be the same. Also he said GM makes more money on financing cars and selling services than it does on the cars themselves.

His slides are available at: http://www.slideshare.net/pcCoffee

[Thanks to John H. for this insight.]