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‪A robot that flies like a bird‬‏ – YouTube

One last TED talk for today. This is a stunning TED talk about the robot bird developed at Fasto. Seeing it fly over the heads of TED attendees is stunning. ‪A robot that flies like a bird‬‏ – YouTube.

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‪Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world‬‏ – YouTube

This is a great TED talk about the importance of algorithms in the today’s world. ‪Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our- YouTube.

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‪Students Create ‘JediBot’‬‏ – YouTube

I came across this video today while testing code for a project that I am currently working on. I wish that my computing classes had been as much fun 30 years ago when I was working on my thesis. That … Continue reading

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Geoffrey West: The surprising math of cities and corporations | Video on

I just watched this TED talk about the mathematical models used to describe the growth of cities, organisms and companies. It got me thinking about the implications in our field, specifically when it comes to the need for an increased … Continue reading

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