Welcome to the president’s blog!

As part of what I intend to do as ACM president, I will be posting to this blog on a regular basis. You can expect to see elements of what I find interesting out on the web as well as details of what we will be doing to enhance the acm.org web presence.

Having done most of my career in computer graphics and interactive techniques, I expect that many of my posts will deal with topics relating to those fields. But those won’t be the only topics that I’ll be covering. I’m also pssionate about web services, social networking and cloud computing. Those subjects will also get covered here.

Let’s kick off this blog with a video that moved me when I first saw it as it reminded me of why I moved to computer graphics very early on in my career. I had the opportunity to work with some very gifted student artists from the Arts et Technologies de l’Image program at Paris VIII University who needed access to a VAX that I was working with. Discovering what they could do with computers as an expressive medium completely changed my perspective on what computers could and should be used for. The video below shows what an artist can do with a new computing tool: the iPad in this case, and helps us see just how broad the impact of computing is today.

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6 Responses to Welcome to the president’s blog!

  1. Rob Wilkens says:

    While I think I casted my vote for you as president, and I have an interest (though limited or no talent and experience) in SIGGRAPH, I have to admit my vote was swayed by one factor I am now recalling. There was a 7-book series (long) from Stephen King I read in which the name ‘Alain’ (Cuthbert?) was a long-time friend of the main character ‘Roland’ (Deschain? — or Roland like the music equipment company). I’d be curious if you knew something about the origin of the name ‘Alain’ and whether it was random that your name (one I am otherwise unfamiliar with) had shown up in his novels. Stephen King recently put out a request for info on his ‘empire’ where names of him or characters and places from his novel has influenced the real world, and I half-wonder if your election is one of those things that resulted from his marketting machine.

    • Alain Chesnais says:

      Rest assured that my election was not part of a Stephen King marketing ploy ;-) Alain just happens to be a very common first name in France, the country that I come from.

  2. I’m a Filipino student and basically basing from Philippines and I just would like to ask if ACM is reaching out Philippines. Thank you sir. Congratulations.

    • Alain Chesnais says:

      @Ronell yes, we are. I’ve even personally traveled to Manilla several years ago when I was serving as president of ACM SIGGRAPH, the ACM special interest group on graphics and interactive techniques, on a mission to meet with university professors and computer graphics professionals in order to evaluate how best we could serve the needs of the local computing community. What university are you attending? We may already have a chapter established in your area.

      • Wow. I’m so proud about it. I knew ACM because our mentor used the Codes of Ethics as a guide for a more responsible usage of computers. I’m from Cebu Institute of Technology University. Just converted into a University last July 7, 2010. Thank you so much sir.

  3. Bonjour Alain,
    Congratulations again for your election as President of ACM.

    Video is excellent….!
    It’s a great work, it’s very beautiful, it’s very interesting… but it’s still very classic at the end!
    Paint continue to be paint, whatever technics used (oil, watercolor, pastel … and even CG).
    So it’s beautiful but classic…

    Where the CG can make something different, it’s in prospecting new forms of artistic expression, unimaginable today… Siggraph is the place where we can discovered that and openning our mind. Hope that will be the same in the future….

    When will we have pleasure to invite you to one of our thirty evenings organized by the Paris Chapter and planned in 2010/2011?
    Or organize something specific?
    Or have a drink together?
    Yours !